Check out these amazing MIA success stories.

They showed up, did the work and are reaping the rewards of more money, freedom & time. When you invest in your dreams, Marketing Impact Academy helps you achieve them.

Here’s what a few of our six & seven-figure earners are saying…

“Between my iTunes Top 100 business podcast, my Epic Success Academy, and my private mentorship programs, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands…

train their brains and master their performance so they can grow a deeply fulfilling business and life that they love. With the help of MIA I have:

  1. Built a multi-million dollar coaching business with thousands of clients getting serious transformation.
  2. Created a Neurocoaching certification™️ teaching my neuroscience backed method for source-based coaching. That program has surpassed the 5-million mark.
  3. This business is covering all the overhead for my non-profit organization which serves orphans in Uganda.
  4. Hired a team of coaches who help me scale my business.
  5. Spend more time than ever with my kids and family.
  6. Made a deep impact for my clients and the job profit.”

Dr. Shannon Irvine 7-Figure Mega Star
Business Strategist & Brain Expert

“I struggled to scale my business without feeling like I was chained to the computer. MIA helped me get on the path to simplifying systems.”

“Chalene teaches repurposing content to get your life back. I began using automation and simplifying my systems to only four pieces of software that have helped me get back four hours a day, and scale to a multiple 6-figure businesses with six employees.

I now love to help other online entrepreneurs replicate my exact system so that they can start attracting clients on auto-pilot without the tech set-up confusion, so they can do what they are good at. What I love most about the MIA community is the abundance mindset. The encouragement, networking, and support is unique and refreshing, and not something you always experience in other groups of this kind. “

Sally Sparks-Cousins 7-Figure Mega Star
Online Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Course Creator & Automation Expert

“The Marketing Impact Academy has given me all the tools to turn my passion into a successful business.”

“I help middle-aged women with frustrating hormonal changes that accompany menopause. I am an aging woman, mom, and certified nutrition coach who has worked in the health & fitness industry for over 25 years. I hold a certification through Precision Nutrition. I am also a certified running coach with the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy.

Just a few years ago, facing symptoms of perimenopause, I decided to make a visit to my doctor where I learned that I was pre-diabetic and insulin resistant, despite my very healthy lifestyle. Additionally, the appearance of excess body fat, fatigue, and the inability to sustain energy, led me to seek out healthy alternatives to getting my body back on track. My personal research revealed that my symptoms were due to the hormonal changes occurring in my body.

My biggest takeaway from MIA is creating a system for success.”

DyAnn Parham 7-Figure Mega Star

“MIA was my marketing kit to know what to put into action in order to grow my companies”

“I’m a multi-business owner with brick-and-mortar businesses as well as digital companies. I help small service-based businesses and women strategize, systematize and launch their own profitable businesses. In 2020, I tripled my growth in my consulting business and I expanded my brick-and-mortar business to its sixth location. My biggest success from the Academy was understanding not only how to start a business, but how to grow and scale.”

Liz Illg 7-Figure Mega Star

“Marketing Impact Academy helped me manage and balance all of it and gave me the tools I needed to be successful in multiple arenas.”

“I help successful businesses, brands, influencers & creatives scale their businesses & their lives. I’ve been published multiple times in Forbes, Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. I have spoken on stages with up to 10k people and run two successful 7-figure businesses – one as a Superstar Diamond and in top earners of Beachbody, and the other as a Business and Leadership Strategist. Between all that and my top rated podcast, Scaling Up, and husband and three kids – I’m busy. But, the Marketing Impact Academy helped me manage and balance all of it.”

Elizabeth Hartke 7-Figure Mega Star

“One of my biggest takeaways from the Marketing Impact Academy is the importance of a growth mindset”

“I help women dream big, work hard and tap into the power of community through fitness. I have built a 7-figure business from my kitchen table. I have a big goal of being financially free and am aware that I have blocks surrounding money. I want to get rid of those, live in flow and abundance more naturally, and create more income so I can pay off all debt as well as give more.”

Julie Voris 7-Figure Mega Star
Virtual Fitness Coach and Women’s Life Coach

“I went from school teacher living paycheck to paycheck, to 6-figure earner from my online biz!”

“I teach dance fitness and women empowerment. It has been my mission to create a space for women to celebrate! A place to challenge each other to Live Out Loud. Now, more than ever, I’m determined to rise and create a world-wide community of courageous women who want to shake up the world, turn it upside down, and show our fellow humans the difference between merely breathing and being alive! My biggest takeaway from Marketing Impact Academy is learning how to create demand while building momentum. I have learned how to build relationships where my Lifers know, like, and trust me. I’ve also learned how to narrow in on my expertise in order to serve the right people.”

Tanci Spencer 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA is better than an MBA. This program covers every aspect of marketing from the beginning stages to launching and developing your business.”

“Chalene is a born educator and delivers amazing content!

I mentor high achieving women with my signature life management strategies for career and home life. I have developed a women’s financial empowerment and marketing service, where I coach women on branding and how to be money-savvy business leaders.

I also coach women and men with sport-specific training and nutrition with my online nutrition and training program, the first and most prominent all-inclusive global training program of its kind.

Accomplishments include Pioneer of Digital Fitness For Competitors, Award-Winning Fitness Coach and Mentor, seen on MTV, ESPN, ABC News, Fox News, Advisory Panel for Oxygen Magazine, Strong Magazine, Boston College Graduate, Established the Team Concept in Competitive Fitness.”

Cathy Savage 7-Figure Mega Star

“My biggest success from Marketing Impact Academy is building a connected, worldwide community of people who love this sport/artform to cheer each other on.”

“I help women, who feel they lost their sensuality/femininity due to a major life change (birth of child, relationship breakup, grief, weight gain) to feel strong, sexy and confident through pole dancing.”

  • Two Time Canadian Pole Fitness Master’s Champion (2015 & 2018)
  • Taught over 10,000 people how to pole dance
  • Featured in Canadian Living (2014)
  • Featured on CityLine (Canada’s National morning show) January 2020
  • Nominated twice for Entrepreneur Of The Year – Oakville Chamber of Commerce
  • Performed in Dita Von Teese’s first Toronto show (sold out show – over 1300 people in the audience)
  • Author of “The Up To No Good Club : Defining Your Life With Strength & Swagger” The story of how I left being a Preschool Teacher, became a pole dance performer and helped over 10,000 people feel strong and sexy. 

Jane Wilson 6-Figure Super Star

“The biggest impact from Marketing Impact Academy has been clarity around my business and a clear marketing strategy.”

“It helped me to focus rather than trying to do everything everyone else was doing.

I teach entrepreneurs how to successfully brand and market their businesses. As an accomplished business executive, teacher and inspirational speaker, I found my voice by writing & speaking about understanding your God-given purpose and living up to your fullest potential. My lessons focus on overcoming fear, self-doubt, & divorce as well as how to grow into successful six-figure businesses.

‘When you identify with who you are at the core of your being, begin a journey of overcoming obstacles and self-doubt, you can achieve absolute greatness.'”

Keenya Kelly 6-Figure Super Star

“My business all started with Marketing Impact Academy.”

“My superpower is helping impact-driven business leaders find clarity, gain confidence, and take aligned, empowered action toward their goals without falling into the cookie-cutter strategy TRAP that holds their dreams hostage. I constantly come back to this program along the way as my journey continues and evolves because they’re always adding to it, updating it, and keeping current with changes in business, social media, and the climate of the world.”

AnnMarie Rose 6-Figure Super Star
Online Business Strategist & Course Creator

“My biggest takeaway from Marketing Impact Academy is how to attract the right audience on social media and how to use social/podcasting to launch a product.”

“My business is simple modern homesteading for a healthy & self-sufficient life. I am a published author of three books and garden planner. I’m just a plain country girl who loves playing in the dirt, stuffing food into Mason jars (after I wash my hands of course), and hunting down as many traditional old-fashioned skills as I can to put into use on our homestead. Being able to replace my day job income and provide financial freedom for my family is so important.”

Melissa K Norris 7-Figure Mega Star

“I needed validation in how I was working my business. Chalene validated all I was doing was correct.”

“I am a hair extensions specialist and I sell my own hair called “cooperative hair.” I have been in the hair industry for 20 years and currently receiving training to be a National Educator for Jack Winn Pro Hair Colour and for Skin Weft with creator Lena Ritz. Chalene validated all I was doing was correct. My game is strong, but sometimes we need mentors. I, unfortunately, grew up very poor and did not have mentors growing up, so I bloomed later in my success. Now I mentor hundreds of hairstylists.”

Natalia Bolanos 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA has helped me to learn how to use Instagram effectively by being targeted at my niche, and to convert followers into paying clients.”

“I support and nurse individuals through emotional pain, crisis and trauma. My clients call me the chiropractor for the soul because it is what I do best. I align my clients towards emotional empowerment to live more purposeful lives. I have a deep love for psychology, all things spiritual and non-religious. I am also a wanna-be writer, and I want to write more! Even though I am spiritual, I am rather potty-mouthed, which makes me a #spiritualgangster – as some of my clients would say!”

Shamala Tan 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA helped provide a roadmap and fill in the gaps in my “toolkit” which accelerated my path to success vs. having to try to figure it out alone.”

“Even as a 20-year corporate marketing veteran, shifting gears to trying to market myself and my own personal brand came with big challenges! MIA helped fill in the gaps which accelerated my path to success.

Market-leading brands and organizations turn to me so they can increase audience engagement and optimize marketing strategies to accelerate revenue and achieve their goals. I work with individuals as well as organizations and teams to grow their audiences, accelerate sales, and drive revenue. For Business Owners/Entrepreneurs, I offer programs to establish or grow your online presence and create a magnetic marketing system to consistently attract prospects and clients. For corporations/brands, I offer virtual & live workshops, keynotes & custom training. Since 2014, I’ve been creating, developing, and implementing online learning programs and instructional materials to train & upskill professional marketing teams, enable business owners to advance their marketing acumen, and empower career-changers and aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in their new roles.

In the last year, I have successfully trained over a thousand Marketing Professionals in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and thousands of business owners with my own online programs & content. “

Mary Czarnecki 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA taught me so much, but most importantly, focus.”

“I help Fitness Instructors/Enthusiasts who want to build a brand and serve their communities online or in person. I have owned my own personal training company, taught 1000’s of fitness classes, trained 1000’s of fitness instructors, worked in management for some of the top gyms in the industry, been in quite a few instructor and at home fitness DVD’s, choreographed and helped create a few very popular branded classes you see in your gyms today, and loved EVERY minute. My passion for helping others lead me to become an online fitness coach. I can share everything I have learned over the years and help so many more people! I also launched 2 successful courses/businesses during the quarantine. I struggled with finding my niche for years, fighting it, and thinking I could do everything myself. MIA taught me focus. That allowed me to FINALLY narrow down my niche and over-deliver to the people I wanted/needed to serve.”

Michele Park 6-Figure Super Star

“Marketing Impact Academy helped me simplify my online business when I was new to building my own personal brand.”

“I help women grow online businesses while prioritizing a healthy self image! At 40-years old I closed an award winning Aveda Salon and Spa which I’d had for 15 years to pursue my online business! I feel most proud of that one decision that was extremely hard for many people to understand!
Closing something so successful was scary. But I listened to my intuition and it truly changed the trajectory of my life, enabling me to have more freedom with my time, and ultimately, my family which I never had at my salon. Marketing Impact Academy continues to be my “online business bible.” Whenever I have a question, it’s the first place I go! “

Michelle Pfileson 6-Figure Super Star

“I’ve learned from MIA that I have enough tools to actually create a full business.”

“I help busy women find the best things in fashion, kid stuff, home decor and organization at the best prices. I’ve built a shopping group in about 2½ years from 40 women to 50,000 women. I’m a California mama to four boys, wife to my highschool sweetheart and I’ve been spending the last couple of years finding myself again after losing my identity as wife and mom. I’ve been featured on two podcasts and rebuilt my self-esteem! The biggest help was hiring a Virtual Assistant!!! THANK YOU for pushing me to do that.”

Erica Hithorne 6-Figure Super Star

“Not only have I achieved more financial success than I dreamed of, my quality of life is 1000x better!”

“I help personal brands and service-based businesses create content that converts. We do so via coaching, courses, consulting and content production and social media management & strategy services. I quit my 6-figure job as an attorney and have been full time in my business for three years. We bought our North Carolina farm in cash and just started building our dream house this year.

MIA taught me how to think about marketing for my own business. I can now reverse-engineer nearly any social media marketing strategy and tweak it to fit my business perfectly.”

Donata White 6-Figure Super Star

“From Marketing Impact Academy, I was able to learn how to communicate the transformation our membership makes.”

“I opened P’zazz Art Studio in Alabama in the summer of 2007. I dreamed of a place where kids could come and express their creativity. Now P’zazz hosts classes, workshops, and parties for kids and adults both in the studio and online! During COVID we added over 800 new members to our online memberships. Plus we are now a weekly feature on the Crayola Facebook page teaching our drawing doodles! From Marketing Impact Academy, I was able to create monthly subscription boxes and an online community was huge for us.”

Kasey Hope 6-Figure Super Star

“Our biggest success was getting to enroll new clients through consistent marketing, and build our following to almost $50K on Instagram.”

“I help artists and creative entrepreneurs become known so they can increase their income and impact. As a kid from small-town Texas, I could never have imagined what it would be like to be in an Oscar-nominated movie or a Tony-nominated show. And that’s why I became a certified Life Coach and started my YouTube channel —to show people across the country that fulfillment in this career is possible. Marketing Impact Academy was something that my husband and I were able to do together that has helped us understand marketing in a digestible and successful way. This year when Broadway shut down I was so grateful I had a community to serve with my online business. MIA helped me get the courage to build that, and the ongoing support has helped me sustain it.”

Bret Shuford 6-Figure Super Star

“I started from $12,000/year as a single mom in loads of debt, to 6-figures/year within less than five years”

“I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I have created a Holistic Health and Energy Healing Practice and offer Yoga and Women Empowerment International Retreats.I am the best-selling author of” Wake Up. Miracles of Healing. I have had four successful international retreats since I started this new business in the US. My biggest takeaways from Marketing Impact Academy are the importance of focusing on building a tribe of lifers – repeat paying clients who love my programs and share the same vibe. That and losing my fear of speaking in front of a camera. I’ve learned to make mobile apps and devices my business’s best friend.”

Manja Podratz 6-Figure Super Star

“I have added 17 clients in 2020 and increased gross revenue 9x”

“I film edit and distribute video content for business owners and CEOs on LinkedIn. My biggest takeaway from Marketing Impact Academy is to STOP trying to do everything myself! Focusing on a niche, no matter how uncomfortable, is worth it! In addition to running my business, I also have a podcast: The Leadership Locker, where I enlist the help of influencers and subject matter experts who are eager to share their knowledge with the veteran entrepreneur and small business owner community. From Gary Vee and Sean Cannell to podcast pro Pat Flynn, this podcast can help you accelerate your entrepreneurial dreams or military transition. As a retired Marine Corps Captain, serving this community is important. “

Rich Cardona 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA helped me make my hobby an actual business, and did so very quickly.”

“Graphic designer and web designer. Founder and creative director behind GB Graphix. In my first month of business, I did $6,000 in sales and by month 10, I had $100,000 in sales. MIA gave me the tools, resources, how-tos, and confidence to make it happen. I have a deep understanding of changing market dynamics and help my clients in maximizing their outreach and exposure using Social Media Marketing. My expertise and understanding of what it takes to build a successful brand have come from experience, education, exposure, and a natural eye for design. “

Sharlotte Bouniol 6-Figure Super Star

“I was able to generate enough income to leave my 9-5 office job within 1 year of becoming a student.”

“I help online business owners take the stress out of social marketing. At the age of 24, I quit my job to become an entrepreneur. In the process of learning to start a business I was able to pay off the entirety of my student loan debt. I literally started my company from the ground up.”

Lindsay Kaslow 6-Figure Super Star

“From Marketing Impact Academy I learned how to stop trading time for money and create residual passive income online.”

“In just 6 months, I went from 0 to 500K+ followers on TikTok, 1K to 18K+ email subscribers, unemployed to almost 6 figure business, and a team of one to five! I also launched two products and am currently creating one more for 2021! From Marketing Impact Academy I learned that you can do what you love by leveraging the power of social media and technology to create impact and influence to the people you want to serve.”

Jenny Jaucian 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA gave me the game-plan I needed to follow to get consistent clients and know what to do to make my business a success!”

“I help breastfeeding mamas wanting to lose the baby weight safely with the Keto diet and maintain their milk supply. I am the creator of the first and #1 Keto and Breastfeeding program, called the Keto Breastfeeding Method. I became a health coach so I could teach others how to feel amazing again, just like I did after going through my journey with my pregnancies.”

Julie Scholten 6-Figure Super Star

“MIA helped me find ideas and organize my systems, which resulted in growing my online business from 0 to $350k per year.”

“Online Academy Spanish Community Network Marketing. Million Dollar Earner. In addition to having a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel, the “Ask Ricardo Live Show” happens every Friday on Facebook where I educate people on Network Marketing. I was trying to do many things at the same time and didn’t know what to focus on. Huge thanks!”

Ricardo Jimenez 6-Figure Super Star