How to Get Brand Deals
(even with a small following)

Stop wasting time chasing more followers and learn how to monetize a small social media account!

Join this FREE Virtual Workshop with Chalene and Brock Johnson
Recorded Thursday, November 3, 2022

We’ll share tons of real, everyday people – with small followings – making full-time incomes promoting their favorite brands online

This value-packed event normally costs $97, but we’re inviting you to join for FREE
In this workshop, you’ll learn the exact steps needed to score brand deals from your favorite businesses. We won’t just talk at you – we will give you action steps that you can implement TODAY.

And you don’t even have to be the star of the show to get brand deals. Got a dog? A hobby? A passion? That’s all you need!

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Chalene and Brock have helped thousands:

  • Build their business from the foundation up
  • Earn their first dollar online by following a proven system
  • Monetize their social media accounts (and turn it into a full-time job)
  • Reach financial and time freedom

Why learn from the Johnsons?

Mother-and-son team Chalene and Brock Johnson are each social media experts in their own right. Chalene is a New York Times Bestselling Author, motivational speaker and host of two podcasts — the Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe. She has built and sold several multimillion-dollar businesses alongside her husband Bret. Chalene’s been mastering social media since the BEGINNING and she knows all the ins and outs of getting brand deals.

Brock Johnson has been using social media to grow his businesses since he was 13! After spending 5 years as an Instagram coach and helping hundreds of clients through one-on-one sessions, he co-founded InstaClubHub in 2020. His explosive Instagram growth (over 400,000 followers in 1 year!) is thanks in part to his unofficial title as “King of Reels.” Brock is a sought-after public speaker and has helped thousands of people monetize their social media.

Today, Chalene and Brock help individuals and business owners master Instagram marketing with their unique ability to break down complex marketing tactics into a do-able, impactful set of steps that ANYONE can apply and follow to see results. Join them as they share the latest secrets to making money on social media.

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