You’ve done Level 1. Keep the momentum going into Level 2. We are offering a very low beta test price once again (for a limited time only).

What is it?

4 extra weeks of small group coaching, accountability, assignments, deadlines, Zooms, and “hot seats” for rapid growth and success. In the next 4 weeks you’ll be coached in: 

  • Social media
  • Customer journey
  • 2nd freemium
  • Refined baby offer
  • Testing & launching your product
  • Full offer planning sessions

We are only offering this Level 2 coaching program to previous members who did the work during Level 1. This is an exclusive offer to our most elite participants.

This is our one and only beta test with low pricing! Think of it as your reward for crushing it during the initial beta test. You have until 9/5/22 to join!

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